Revolutionizing Insurance processes between Insurers, Intermediaries & Insured…

Passionate to change the way insurance business is operated by the use of Technology using b2b Portals, Mobile Apps, Websites & USSD Apps. Smart Policy Platform provides wings to drive our passion.

Smart Policy Platform is been recognized at the Tanzania Insurance Awards 2019 that was hosted by Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority & Insurance Institute of Tanzania. 

Smart Insurance Solution for Insurance to sell insurance beyond traditional selling.
Smart Policy is a Cloud Based Insurance Platform that brings stakeholders of the insurance industry such as Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Agents, Assessors, Regulatory & Monitoring Authority on a single platform for their various operational needs.The platform enables the stakeholders of the industry to use single platform to carry out effective risk management and seamless operations.

Smart Policy Digital Offerings

B2C Module

Equipped with Web Sales and Mobile Apps (for both Android & Apple devices) channels that can be easily integrated with Payment Platforms for automated premium collections.

Assessor Mobile App

Assessor Mobile App is available for the assessment of your claim digitally. The app will facilitate your assessors to take real-time pictures and provide a quick evaluation of the loss.

Claims Automation Module

Smart Policy will digitalize your entire claims processing. It will start from the intimation stage that may come from your intermediary or customer, Digital Assessments, Customer Feedback at every stage via WhatsApp or SMS and Digital claims settlements to the claimants.

Reinsurance Module

The reinsurance module works in the core and center of the Underwriting & Claims modules of the Smart Policy System. The system supports both proportional and non-proportional treaties and effectively tracks your receivables from your reinsurance companies.

Insurance Middleware Module

Smart Policy Middleware connects your insurance operations to any payment platform/bank for digital premium collection, to any intermediary systems for automated policy booking, or to any other third-party systems for innovative digital sales like Aggregator or Telecoms.

Broker Connect Platform

Smart Policy Broker Connect Module enables you to provide portals and b2b Mobile App to all your intermediaries for selling insurance. The module facilitates digital premium collections across all insurance policies.

Happy Brokers & Agents
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Why Smart Policy ?

  • It’s a State-of-Art Solution, already running solution with many insurance brokers in African Market
  • Easily adapt to the local business processes and operations in the best possible way. This is also one of the reason why the solution can be implemented quickly.
  • Smart Policy is a very easy to use solution and can be comfortably used by your staff having a very little knowledge of operating computer
  • No huge or capital investment on Software Licenses & Hardware Infrastructure
User Friendly 100%
Value For Money 100%
Satisfied Customers 100%
  • No cost on Hardware Maintenance or Software Licensing or Maintenance
  • No cost on having huge IT team to support the daily issues
  • Saves recurring cost of data bandwidth
  • Saves recurring cost on the monitoring & maintenance of IT Infrastructu
  • Saves huge recurring costs on expert IT resources for managing such solutions
  • Easy expansions to new branch offices with no additional cost

Smart Policy Platform Key Highlights.

Supports all Insurance Products
Supports Standard & Customized Insurance Products
No Cover Notes Books
No manual dispensing of Cover Note Books
Sends SMS & Email
Automated SMS & Email Renewal Reminders
Claims Workflows
Efficient Claims Tracking & Management
Built-in Document Management
Stores Documents & Pictures for Underwriting & Claims
Mobile Money Integrated
Supports & Tracks Payments over Mobile Money
Easy to use
Extremely handy and easy to use software
Cost Effective
Provides maximum value at low price

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