Rolling out Combined Product of Accident and Life Insurance Policy


Tan Management Insurance Brokers with Sanlam Insurance Company came up with a micro insurance product called “Bima ya Ajali na Maisha” – Accident and life Insurance. This product is very unique as the product was channelized via Fuel Vendors to reach the targeted audience. The aim was to insure the individual who spends a minimum of TSH 10,000 for fuel with an Accident and Life cover for 7 days who are paying digitally.

Problem & Challenges

The number of individuals filling fuel every day is more than thousands and it would not be possible insuring each one via the traditionally method of acquiring their information and then sending out the policy.


The way forward was to digitalize this product hence it was agreed that in order to be insured, the client pays the fuel amount due digitally.

Once the payment is made digitally the APIs communicate with Smart Policy to automate issuance of an accident and life cover for the individual. There after he will receive and automated message with the covering details of his policy in real time.

Result and Benefits

It brings about a value added service for filling something as simple as fuel. Moreover educates the customer base the significance of insurance. Once the customer is intrigued with the idea it becomes easy to reach out to the customer for more insurance services.

Furthermore the policy is sent out as an SMS hence it’s been tailored to be simple to understand to the receiving individual. It also adds as a convenience to the client as the policy is accessible in his mobile phone.

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