Rolling out of Small Business Insurance over various Digital Channels

Howden Insurance Brokers with Sanlam came up with a micro insurance product to cover small businesses. The insurance was facilitating to cover Material Damage, Burglary, Rent, Money Loss & Funeral expenses in the case of owner death for the business.

Problem & Challenges

Being a Micro Insurance Product, the premium was too low to cover the cost of operations. Therefore technology was only the medium to distribute this product.

Another challenge was the technology used should be friendlier for the business owners to use as most of them are not technology savvy.

The challenge was to distribute this product over cost effective manner with minimum use of human resources.


The technology that was used to sell this insurance was USSD channel, which not only enabled simplified use for the business owners but also wider reach.

Another solution that was provided was to embed this product into existing mobile apps such as eCommerce Mobile & Banking Mobile App which had an existing customer base. The Smart Policy Product API was consumed by these Apps to facilitate the buying of insurance.

Both USSD & Mobile App were integrated with Mobile Money Channel’s for premium payment.

Result and Benefits

The above mentioned solution provided the customer wider reach for customer acquisition.

USSD provided the reach to the remote areas of the country where internet was not prevalent. Besides the use of USSD technology simplified the buying process.

Embedding the product over existing mobile apps, also provided access to the existing customer base and educating businesses to buy such insurance product.

The process of buying insurance over USSD & Mobile App eliminated the manual paper work of business insurance and encourage instant buying of policies.

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